The Best Way to Exercise Your Pet in Winter

The Best Way to Exercise Your Pet in Winter

During the winter months, it’s hard to get the kind of exercise and physical activity that we all need, and the same is true for our pets! When we’re all housebound because of cold weather, it’s important to remember that our dogs are missing out on their walks and playtimes.

The Little River Veterinary Clinic team knows that your pet’s physical activity is such an important part of your pet’s ongoing health. We recommend that your best friend be exercised as much as possible in the winter months when exercise may be difficult to achieve! Here are our best exercising tips for the season!

Indoor Exercise for Dogs

When your pet is housebound with you, it is possible to exercise inside, although it may not be as rigorous as a nice walk or run outside. Some fun indoor play activities can include:

  • Fetch – you can throw your pet’s door across the room and encourage them to retrieve it. You’ll have to play a lot more rounds than if the pet were running all the way across a yard or field!
  • Tug-of-war – use a knotted up sock or a toy designed for tug-of-war games and play with your pet. Dogs like a “fight” game to keep them interested. Just make sure to let them win once in a while so they don’t lose interest!
  • Wrestling – wrestling with your pet can be done in a few different ways and it doesn’t have to be a wild game that is unsafe indoors.
  • Catch – it is possible to play catch indoors, though you may have to use a softer ball or a toy instead of a tennis ball, for safety reasons.

No matter how you decide to play with your pet, make sure that your game lasts for at least 15 minutes and that your pet gets tired out. This is the best way to ensure that exercise was achieved! We recommend playing a game like this 3-5 times per week when you can’t get outside for your usual walks.

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