Fairfax Pet Boarding

Fairfax Pet Boarding

If you’re going on a trip and can’t bring your pet along, leave them in the care of our team at Little River Veterinary Clinic. We offer the residents of Fairfax pet boarding for dogs and cats in a facility that is very much like a home away from home. We know it’s hard to leave your pet behind when you leave, but you can have peace of mind, knowing that our entire staff will give them attention all day long. Our team of veterinarians are available during all business hours and on-call on weekends, should an emergency arise. On weekends, we have staff come in to supervise our boarding guests. You can be assured that your furry friends are in the best of hands with us at Little River Veterinary Clinic.

Fairfax Pet Boarding Amenities

We allow boarding of dogs and cats that are both people and pet-friendly. Pets must also be in good health and be properly vaccinated prior to boarding with us. Our Fairfax pet boarding amenities include:

*To avoid digestive issues, we place all boarders on a bland diet. If your pet is here for a long visit, we recommend bringing them food from home.

Fairfax Pet Boarding

If your pet is up for more activity, we also offer play and cuddle time, along with additional walks. Each dog and cat is boarded in their own cage, suited to their size. However, if you have more than one pet boarding with us, they cannot stay in the same cage together overnight for safety reasons. We are more than happy to take them on walks or have them play together to keep them interacting with each other though.

Have your Pets Spend Their Next Vacation with Us!

We are excited to offer residents of Fairfax pet boarding at Little River Veterinary Clinic. Contact us to learn more about our services. If this is your first time boarding with us, we recommend taking advantage of our day boarding services. It’s a way for you and us to decide if your pet can board with us for a long period of time. We hope to see you and your pet here soon!

"The doctors follow up to make sure everything is going well after an appointment. Even in the darkest times they treat you like family. I will continue using Little River Vet as long as I have pets."
Benton Capps

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